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NCC shuts down air wing in Mandi

Photo for representation only
Photo for representation only

In a major setback to the dreams of Mandi youths who wanted to join Air Force , the National Cadet Corps (NCC) has shut its air wing which was being run from Vallabh Government College Mandi.

The college authorities have announced the closure of the air wing after receiving a communique from  NCC directorate. Sources said the college authorities had made a number of representations to the NCC directorate which were turned down.

“The representations made to the NCC directorate have gone unheard. We have received the orders to shut down the air wing which has annoyed the students,” Senior professor,Government College Mandi Rajesh Yadev said.

Vallabh Government College Mandi was in fact never given an independent wing .The seats which were being made available to the students of this college were infact a temporary arrangements and were shared with the government degree college Kullu. The NCC has filled in all all seats from Kullu this year and the Mandi students were ignored.

NCC rather sanctioning an independent air wing to Mandi colldge continued to reduce the seats.The first year and second year students used to get 21 and 13 seats respectively. No seat has been given to the first year students this year.

Confirming the decision to shut down the air wing, NCC group captain, L K Vitli told media persons that the seats were given to fill the shortfall .

” All seats are being filled in from Kullu college this year. The earlier arrangements were made to complete the shortfall,” L K Vitli said

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