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Nisha Yadav’s leaked MMS clip goes viral on Facebook

Nisha-Yadav's-leaked-MMS-clBollywood actress and item girl Nisha Yadav‘s hot, semi-nude video with DJ Frank Franklyn has become a rage in Europe. It is learnt that an unedited and raw clip or raw footage of Nisha Yadav’s nude video shoot has got leaked and has gone viral on Facebook. We do not know who leaked the nude video clip, but we know that Nisha Yadav’s nude MMS video clip has got over 5 lakh shares on Facebook in about 24 hours.

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Nisha’s clip has leaked second time. The leaked clip links were first published on a Bollywood portal and got quickly copied and shared on Facebook over the weekend.

As reported earlier, controversial strip queen Nisha Yadav had posed topless or nude for a trance video for international DJ Frank Franklyn. The video was to be shot in Goa and Mumbai. While we were not in the loop when the video was shot, or else we would have brought you some exclusive photographs of the shoot. Well, a little birdie tells us that DJ Frank Franklyn who is internationally famous for his Trance, EDM (electronic dance music), Electric House and Hip-Hop performances abroad, played the hot video starring Nisha Yadav at select clubs in Europe and Germany.

“The response was tremendous. Nisha Yadav’s artistic bold nude dance performance has come out fantastic. Trance lovers all over Europe have simply loved the video. I now plan to release the video commercially as well. Unfortunately the video cannot be released in India as videos too need to be censored and the Censor Board in India will not allow such a “hot” video to be displayed in the country. The censor board will cut down all of Nisha Yadav’s dance moves and it does not make sense releasing the video in India minus Nisha Yadav,” DJ Frank Franklyn wrote on his FB page.

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