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One Indian among 20 civilians killed in Dhaka

One Indian among 20 civilians killed in DhakaThe Bangladesh hostage crisis that ended on Saturday following an army led commando operation, one Indian girl is among 20 civilians killed.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj informed this in a series of tweets. Swaraj said she is deeply pained to share the news of the killing of Indian girl. She also spoke to the father of the deceased and conveyed her deepest condolences.

Earlier the hostage crisis in the capital Dhaka ended with heavily-armed commandos storming a restaurant popular with expatriates in the diplomatic enclave of the city.

The commandos killed six militants who had been holding many people, including foreigners, captive for more than 12 hours. 13 hostages including foreigners, women and children were rescued. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has declared two days national mourning for the 20 hostage victims of the terror attack.

Describing the militant attack as barbarious, she said her government will do the utmost to foil the conspiracy of the militants and ensure protection of the people living in Bangladesh.

She said Bangladesh is progressing economically but there is a conspiracy to repress the country’s growth through militant and divisive activity.

Describing terror attacks as un-Islamic, she questioned the militants as to what they expect to gain from such barbarious behaviour. Praising the Commando operation of the defence forces, she said her government acted quickly and decisively, but regretted that not all hostages could be saved.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken to the Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina and strongly condemned the despicable attack in Dhaka. In a series of tweets, Modi said that India stands firmly with its sisters and brothers of Bangladesh in this hour of grief.

He said, the attack in Dhaka has pained us beyond words.Modi said, his thoughts are with the bereaved families. He also prayed for early recovery of those injured in the terror attack.

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