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Opponents trying to destablise govt: Virbhadra

virbhadra_singhVirbhadra Singh, Chief Minister has taken a strong notice of the news items appearing in a section of press regarding removal of two Ministers from the State Cabinet. He said that it was totally false and such news items were planned and mischievous.

A news item about the removal of Kaul Singh Thakur from a committee was linked to unstability of the state government.

“News regarding destabilizing the State government was being knowingly published in certain newspapers for the past few time which is condemnable.Few people were trying to create a situation by airing baseless issues to spread a message as if every thing was not well in the Government. These include few frustrated BJP leaders who were trying to create rumors through selective newspapers,” Virbhadra Singh said.

He said that the Congress Government in the State was totally stable and strong and it was working hard for the welfare of the people. He added that since the formation of BJP Government at the Centre, the State BJP leaders were involved in malicious propaganda to destabilize the democratically elected State Government. He said that the people of the State were well aware of cheap gimmicks of the BJP and would never fall prey of their nefarious designs.

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