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Pakistan arrests 31 Indian fishermen


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Islamabad: Pakistan has arrested 31 Indian fishermen and seized 14 boats for venturing into the country’s territorial waters, authorities said Sunday.

A Maritime Security Agency (MSA) spokesperson said the fishermen were found 110 nautical miles within Pakistan’s exclusive economic zone, reported Online.

The latest arrest came two weeks after Pakistan freed 179 Indian fishermen as a goodwill gesture and a `New Year gift’.

The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) says it is concerned at the arrest of fishermen on both sides.

“Our organisation has been demanding that the governments of both countries not arrest poor fishermen as there is no border marking in the waters,” said the forum’s chief Muhammad Ali Shah.

“Fishermen who usually unintentionally stray into the other country’s waters are put in jails and languish there for years,” he added.

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