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Reflective collars save stray dogs from accidents

Reflective collars save stray dogs : People stealing reflective collars from stray dogs !


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A Panchkula, Haryana based NGO, Animal Welfare Association of Panchkula, has come to the rescue of stray dogs who are at times hit by the drivers in the dark.

As the stray dogs generally venture and sleep on accident prone roads and tight lanes, they get injured by the vehicles.

The reflective dog collars  are durable and feature a reflective strip which is highly visible in dim and dark conditions and saves the dog from accidents.

Reflective collars save stray dogsCollars , according to the Spokeswoman of the NGO, Meenakshi Mahapatra ,are made-up of nylon strip, reflective cloth and heavy duty plastic buckles which make the collar more durable, brighter and light weight.

The collars are also adjustable, easy to put on street animals and quickly dry if drenched in water .

Meenakshi Mahapatra told North India Times that her non-profit organisation has already tagged more than 100 dogs in Panchkula, Zirakpur including Nada Saheb , Paras Down Town (Zirakpur) and Peermuchala areas.

“The life  of our street dogs is really very difficult. living on the streets, now where to go, sleeping by the roadside and running to and fro, eventually ending-up hurting themselves.

Some get healed automatically, some are injured in fights , while some are left to die with pain .

There are dogs who are paralysed by the vehicles which run over them . They can bee seen struggling without limbs or broken backs,” says Meenakshi Mahapatra.

Reflective collars save stray dogs
NGO Volunteers tagging stray dogs in Panchkula

People stealing reflective collars from stray dogs !

The collars according to Meenakshi, cost upto Rs 50 and have been ordered from Indore.

However, the collar thieves are making it difficult to protect the dogs as a sizeable chunk of the collars have been stolen by miscreants.

The Animal Welfare Association of Panchkula wants to tag all the stray dogs to save their lives.

If you want to help them or adopt a dog , please log into their Facebook page ttps://

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