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Panjab University bans junk food in campus !

  • Panjab University has banned sale of junk food items in the eateries located within the campus.
  • Samosa has also been put in the list of junk food items
  • Burger (without vegetable) ,maida maggi,pizza,kurkre,french fries,cold drinks, hot dogs have also been banned

Panjab University has finally imposed ban on sale of junk food at  the stalls or shops being run within the campus.

Interestingly,popular Indian snack Samosa has also been put in the items banned by the University authorities.

University students have welcomed the decision but has asked the authorities to improve  the nutrition of the food being served in university hostels.

However, banning sale of junk food items at the campus will benefit the shops located in adjoining sector 15 market.


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