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People lose charm with weight loss,Meerra on Parineeti

meera-chopraParineeti Chopra‘s cousin Meerra- who recently completed 1920: London-has made important remarks on Parineeti’s absence from cinema.

“Generally when people lose weight, they lose the charm from their face and their body becomes disproportionate. That’s the hard work she’s done for year and a half and it shows. When you take a break like that, it’s worth it. Then you come back with a bang, with much more confidence,” Meerra Chopra said in an interview.

Heaping a praise on Prnineeti,Meerra said she has achieved too much in the industry and her return cannot be termed a comeback.

“I wouldn’t say a comeback. Parineeti has achieved so much that she never left. Yeah she took a break because there comes a stage in your life where you want to sit down and think that you’ve done good work but how do you better it? She’s proved herself. She has lost weight in a very beautiful way, ” Meerra said.

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