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Poonam Pandey signs a new film

poonam-pandey-in-nashaThe Bollywood’s Nasha girl Poonam Pandey has signed a new film. This will be the second film which she will be doing after Nasha released in 2013.

Poonam has refused to reveal the story of the untitled film but has said that she will not ‘disappoint her viewers’.

Known for her sexy mischiefs , Poonam shot to fame in 2011 when she had announced to strip down if India won the world cricket cup.She grabs news headlines by posting her sexy photos on Twitter. There were reports that Facebook recently blocked her Fanpage for nudity.

Poonam’s first film Nasha (2013) had earned Rs 4 crore. According to Poonam the producers failed to market the film properly.

Nasha was about the story of a teenage boy who gets attracted to his teacher (Poonam Pandey). The teacher is shown in relationship with a model . The schoolboy encounters the couple romancing and love making which starts the love-hate story.

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