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Raveena Tandon speaks about neoptism

Anyone can be a victim of nepotism : Raveena

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raveena tandonBollywood actress Raveena Tandon  has said that she did not adopt short cuts to get success in films.

‘No hero has promoted me nor have I had an affair with anyone to get films’ Raveena Tandon said.

Raveena Tandon was one of the most successful actresses of the 90s.

She acted in many films including Mohra, Andaz Apna Apna, Ladla, Dulhe Raja.

In a recent interview, she talks about her film career and long innings in Bollywood.

I did not follow anyone: Raveena

In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Raveena said, ‘I had no godfather, I was not part of any camp nor was there any hero with me to promote me”

Raveena said she was not ready to have an affair with the hero and sleep with him to get the role.

“Many times I was called an arrogant because I did not do  what people wanted. I did not follow anyone’s instructions. I did not laugh at the behest of the hero or walk, get up or sit at his behest”  she said.

During this, Raveena also questioned some female journalists who used to be puppets of popular male actors.

Raveena said that during that period many vague articles were written to target her because journalists wanted to satisfy somebody’s ego.

Raveena said: ‘I used to wonder how many women journalists could do this to another woman. Now many of these journalists say that she is a feminist and writes an ultra-feminist column. ‘

‘Anyone can be a victim of nepotism’: Raveena

Raveena expressed her opinion on nepotism and said that even a person who is born in the industry can be a victim of it.

Raveena said, ‘As I can hear some anchors talk loudly about insiders or outsiders. But you have to fight. The more they tried to suppress me, the stronger I fought. There is dirty politics everywhere.

Raveena fumed when people criticised Karan Johar

Raveena often gives her candid views on Bollywood-related controversies.

Earlier, in the case of Sushant’s death, he spoke about the criticism of Karan Johar. Raveena had said,

“Why would a producer sign an actor for a movie by paying crores of fees and make a cheap film with his crores of rupees at stake?” Will someone waste so much money and time to waste someone’s career? What would happen if someone made such a childish accusation? ‘

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