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Saharanpur riots send Sikh conventions to seed

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saharanpur_riots_Haryana and Punjab heaved a sigh of relief on Saturday as Akal Takht asked the Sikh organisations to call off  the Amritsar and Karnal Sikh conventions.

The orders came after the Saharanpur riots in which people of two minority communities clashed on Gurudwara land.The lead

Akal Takht’s decision to call off the religious gatherings has put the lid off on the SGPC controversy for time being.Besides the Akali Dal and HSGPC leaders, former chief minister Captain Amrinder Singh and BJP president Kamal Sharma have also welcomed the Akal Takht decision.

Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh welcomed the Akal Takhat edict calling for the cancellation of the Sunday congregation called at Amritsar by the Shiromani Akali Dal-Badal.

In a statement issued here today, Capt Amarinder said, the Akal Takhat had acted at the right moment while considering the urges and aspirations of the Sikhs across Punjab and Haryana. He said, it was a historic directive by the Akal Takhat which led to the easing of the situation that was building up across the two states and had the potential of putting the Sikhs against the Sikhs.

The former Chief Minister hoped that wisdom may also have finally dawned upon those who were aimlessly and needlessly opposing the Haryana SGPC, which was the genuine right of the Sikhs living there, for their personal reasons.

Wishing the newly constituted Haryana SGPC all the success, Capt Amarinder hoped that the adhoc committee will ensure that the elections are conducted at the earliest and it is made a true representative body of the Haryana Sikhs. He also hoped that it will come to the expectations of the people who struggled and fought for it and took the fight to the logical conclusion.

Hailing the decision taken by Akal Takht Jatehdar, Punjab BJP chief Kamal Sharma said the orders of Akal Takht have only diffused the escalating tension erupting between two states Punjab and Haryana but has also provided reprieve to the people of both the states who were apprehending a big deadlock between the two states after these conferences .

“Such a controversial matters should be solved by the dialogue not by taking tough postures. BJP appeals to all the stakeholders in this issue to come out on a solution through dialogue so that the social fabric of the society is not harmed,” said Sharma.

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