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Seabuckthorn can cure coronavirus : Korean Scientists

Seabuckthorn bacteria can be effective in preventing coronavirus :Scientists


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The probiotic bacteria found in seabuckthorn berries can stop mutation of covid-19 virus,claim South Korean Scientists

The researchers are spending sleepless nights to find a vaccine to get rid of the deadly covid19 virus which has killed over four lac people worldwide.

Besides the Plasma therapy trials,administration of hydroxy chloroquine have shown encouraging results.

Trials are also bring conducted to use llama anti-bodies in covid19 patients in Belgium.

Now a bacteria found in Seabuckthorn berry has rekindled the hope of getting a solution.

Seabuckthorn berry is known for its natural immunity boosting powers from centuries .

Recent findings of South Korea’s Ehwa Womans University scientists on seabuckthorn berry’s lactic acid bacteria has also drawn attention of the medical community as this bacteria is capable of combating covid19 virus .

Researchers have found that seabuckthorn bacteria stops activation of purine, the source from where the virus gets its energy and its mutation takes place .

The researchers led by Professor Yoon Ha-na of the Urology Department of Ehwa Womans University found that the probiotic bacteria extracted from fermented seabuckthorn berry has lots of lactobacillus gasseri (L. gasseri), which represses the activation of purine,a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound found in the nucleus of any plant or animal cell.

Chinese Scientists at Nankai University have also found how coronavirus uses purine to survive and multiply itself.

The scientists have discovered that the new coronavirus creates a spike protein to survive within the human body.This protein contacts the cell membrane and attacks purine to acquire energy for its mutation .

South Korean scientists found L. gasseri (seabuckthorn berry probiotic bacteria) while conducting experiments related to the inhibition of cytokine activity, and escherichia coli that inflame the bladder.

Professor Yoon Ha-na of Ehwa Womans University
Hopes the probiotic bacteria in sea buckthorn berry to be a supplementary treatment to suppress COVID-19 spread by inhibiting purine activity ,reports Korea Biomedical Review.

“I believe the probiotic bacteria will work as a complementary treatment to prevent COVID-19 and will apply the same mechanism to additional studies, including cystitis and hyperlipidemia,” Professor Yoon told Korea Biomedical Review.

Professor Yoon Ha-na and her team has also confirmed presence of nine antioxidants, six minerals, and 16 amino acids in seabuckthorn berry.

Plant bacteria can be effective in preventing coronavirus

A report published in Korean Biomed Review ,quoting
Professor Jeong Goo-bo of Gachon University Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute, also said, “I believe L. gasseri, derived from plants, can be effective in preventing COVID-19 spread because it affects the activation of purine enzyme, the energy source for AIDS, hepatitis, Ebola, and COVID-19 virus.”

Similarities between COVID19, Ebola and AIDS virus

South Korea’s Ehwa Womans University scientists have also discovered that seabuckthorn berry had abundant amounts of ehstreptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus rhamnosus, which have the same chemical binding site to the COVID-19 and also affect the protein activity of AIDS.

In China, too, a research team led by Professor Ruan Jishou from Nankai University in Tianjin recently discovered that COVID-19 in the human body mutated in a similar way to that of the Ebola and AIDS virus.

It is worth mentioning here that Korea is also using AIDS drugs to treat COVID-19 patients by inhibiting proteolytic enzyme activity.

One of the covid19 patient’s symptoms improved significantly in a few days after administrating Kaletra and AIDS drugs.

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