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Shorgul Movie Review

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shorgul-Full-Movie-reviewAren’t we suffering enough by the heinous acts of some of our politicians that this botched up misfire inspired by events happened in UP (Uttar Pradesh) by first time helmer Jitendra Tiwari was needed to be bombarded on our senses?.

Shorgul does everything but has nothing to say. This bafflingly obtuse political drama fails to make up its mind on how to package its feelings on the situation and its badly made, worse it wastes fine talents like Jimmy Shergill and Ashutosh Rana.

From its title and opening scene writer Shashie-Vermaa (this is how he spells his name) who also plays a pivotal role of Mama tells us how haphazard the entire proceedings will be.

Starting with a dark thriller toned sequence where a man face not seen) delivers a gun to a girl and cut to an item number by Hrishita Bhatt, picture shuru ho gayi picture shuru.. and we are introduced to the characters – Zainab (Suha Gezen) is about to get married to Saleem (Hiten Tejwani). Zainab neighbor Raghu (Anirudh Dave) secretly loves her but Zainab is not aware. Raghu is the son of Chaudhary (Ashutosh Rana) a respectable soul in town.

MLA Ranjit Om (Jimmy Shergill) is eyeing for an M.P. ticket in the coming elections and is in constant search to invoke communal passion amongst the people to gain political mileage. Similarly Alim Khan (Narendra Jha) is evoking communal passions amongst his community for his political ambition.

Chaudhry’s clout and his righteous attitude is a hurdle for both Ranjit and Alim. A misunderstanding between Zainab, Saleem and Raghu results in a fickle minded brother of Saleem played by Ejjaz Khan (why this overcooked omelette pasted around his neck.. or it is a pizza or tomato uttappa) anyways, shoots Raghu and a situation goes out of control on screen.

The city is on rampage and suddenly a body from the crowd on screen does a Shaolin swing up in the air.. how Tiger Shroff was that.. and if that wasn’t enough to give goose bumps to your cinema watching logics, a dash of reality is added to ensure the fatal assault. Mohit Suri appears suddenly in the midst of all this ‘maar kat’ (mayhem, riots) to express his jazbaat (feelings) in the capacity of C.M. Mr. Mithilesh sounds any bell.. ringa ringa roses.. well all fells down literally in this torture that goes on and on.

Jimmy Shergill and Ashutosh Rana’s decent act is the only creditable point in this movie which is wobbly directed and lacks depth in its narration and characters. Dialogues are so routine like it seems we are watching a loud debate on TV. Other actors just sign the muster and technicalities are just passable.

SHORGUL is nothing but a hopeless political drama that gets played on our T.V. Channels just to fill the slot.

Shorgul Cast & Crew

Producer : Swatantra Vijay Singh, Vyas Verma

Production Company(S) : A 24 FPS Films Production

Director : P.Singh, Jitendra Tiwari

Artists (Cast) : Jimmy Sheirgill, Aniruddh Rane, Deepraj Rana, Hiten Tejwani, Hrishita Bhatt, Suha Gezen, Ashutosh Rana, Eijaz Khan, Sanjay Suri, Narendra Jha

Music Director : Arjun Nair, Niladri Kumar, Lalit Pandit

Rating: 1/5

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