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Surgery deaths:Traces of pestifide found in medicines

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Traces of zinc phosphide have been found in the medicines which were distributed to the women who underwent sterilization surgeries at the government-run health camps in Chhattisgarh.

The camps were organised in Pendari, Marwahi, Pendra and Gourella villages of Bilaspur district as a part of family planning programme. The sterilization tragedy so far claimed lives of 15 women and left more than 100 women hospitalised.

According to officials, Ciprocin 500 mg tablets distributed to women after operations were contaminated with Zinc Phosphide. Zinc Phosphide is commonly used to kill rodents.

Meanwhile, Chhattisgarh Police have arrested directors of two pharmaceutical companies which had supplied medicines that were used during the sterilization surgeries carried out at government-run health camps.

Directors of Raipur based Mahavar Pharma and Bilaspur based Kavita Pharmaceuticals were arrested in connection with the incident.

State government has imposed a blanket ban on all medicines, manufactured by Mahavar Pharmaceuticals, and appealed to people not to purchase and consume them. The administrations in almost all the districts are carrying out a search in all medical shops and all government hospitals to confiscate medicine stock banned after the sterilization deaths.

So far more than 30 lakh tablets have been confiscated from the medical stores and government hospitals in different districts of the state. Chhattisgarh government has constituted the judicial commission to probe the sterilization tragedy.

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