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Sushant Case : Rhea’s role is suspicious

Sushant Case : Rhea's role is is becoming extremely suspicious . She had access to Sushant's email account , and had also tried to change password

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Sushant Case : Rhea’s role .Synopsis in Hindi: सुशांत सिंह राजपूत आत्महत्या मामले में उनकी गर्लफ्रेंड रिया चक्रवर्ती की भूमिका संदिग्ध पाई जा रही है । ताजा जानकारी के मुताबिक रिया चक्रवर्ती सुशांत की मौत के बाद भी उनका ईमेल अकाउंट इस्तेमाल कर रही थी और उसने उसका पासवर्ड बदलने की कोशिश भी की थी।

Sushant Case : Rhea's roleSushant Case : Rhea’s role  has come under scanner :
Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfried Rhea Chakraborty‘s role is becoming suspicious as the police investigation is progreessing in Sushant Case .

The police officials  investigating Sushant Case suspect that Rhea had access to his email account . She even allegedly attempted to change the email password after Sushant’s death.

so far the police oficials investigating this case have not spoken on record. But Rhea is likely to be booked under IT Act if found guilty of accessing Sushant’s email account.

Rhea is already facing allegations of misusing Sushant Singh’s money.

Did Rhea delete Sushant’s emails to avoid action

The police officials currently investigating Sushant’s case are trying to figure out what Rhea was doing with Sushant’s email account. Did she delete the emails pertaining to the financial transactions.

Sources say the police officials will try to recover the deleted emails to find out the truth.

Rhea had blocked Sushant’s mobile number

Investigations have revealed that Rhea had blocked Sushant Singh Rajput’s mobile number after June 8.Sushant’s domestic help Neeraj has said that Rhea had deserted Sushant and had left his home on June 8 alongwith her belongings.

Sushant had allegedly tried to call Rhea between June 8 to June 13 but the call did not connect as she had blocked his number.

Sushant’s sister has accused Rhea of stealing Sushant’s credit card,medicines and other belongings which had upset him.

Rhea wanted Sushant to admit to a mental hospital

Sources say Sushant had told his sister that Rhea and her family members were keen to get him admitted to a mental hospital.He was scared of going to the hospital.

Sushant’s call records show that Rhea had called him 25 times in five days when he was in Chandigarh to meet his sister.

The investigation now revolves around Rhea Chakraborty . She has been accoused of not only misusing Sushant’s money but also using his email account and deserting him when he was requiring her support.

d gone to Chandigarh by car between February 20 and 24 in January this year. He wanted to be with his sister. Riya had made 25 calls to him during these five days.

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