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Sushant Singh Rajput was heartbroken says friend

Sushant Singh Rajput wanted to leave Mumbai but why ?

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Sushant Singh Rajput

sushant singh rajputSushant Singh Rajput was heart broken. One of his friends Sidharth Pithani has revealed that he was upset since January this year.

“Sushant’s heart was broken in January. He wanted to run away from the glare of the city,he had told me ” Sidharth Pithani told a news channel .

Sushant wanted to do farming. was keen to move away from Mumbai

Pithani said that Sushant had told him to leave the  job and had promised he will pay the same salary.

Siddharth Pithani said, “Sushant called me in the first week of January. He told me to please come back.I think we can do something together. I don’t want to act. We do virtual reality and You could have done
something in the other field. I am sure you are the right person for this. Leave your job, I will give you the same salary. ”

Sushant looked severely broken : Sidharth

According to Siddharth, when he reached Sushant’s house, he found him badly broken. Sushant was crying and telling him, “I don’t have any at the moment.”

Siddharth said Sushant had asked him to stay with him. He was also ready to take care of him and his family. According to Pithani, Sushant wanted to live a very simple life and used to get upset when he saw the crowd on the street from his window.

Sidharth said that Sushant  became very emotional while talking to him and had said : ‘They are all actors. Everyone is acting ”

Sushant had told Sidharth he was lonely

Pithani said Sushant had told him that , “I have none. We will go far away from this. We will go to Pavana.”

Pithani said that there is Sushant’s farmhouse in Pavana, where he used to go  for a change and also did trekking and cycling . There are also pool tables. “We can do farming and live on a budget”  Sushant had told Siddharth.

Police will soon get to the bottom of the case : Lawyer

Sushant Singh Rajput’s father KK Singh’s  lawyer Vikas Singh said in an interview recently, “This boy (Siddharth) lived with Sushant and was the first to see his dead body. So when he found the door closed did not open it until his sister arrived. He waited an hour and a half. ”

In fact, Siddharth had told Mumbai Police that Sushant’s family is accusing him of targetting Rhea.

Vikas Singh further said, “By July 25, he was in touch with the family and was trying to help, saying that Rhea Chakraborty is responsible for what happened to Sushant.”

“Suddenly his behavior changed. I don’t know what happened? But hopefully the police will soon get to the bottom of the case and find out what role Pithani has in this case and what information they have, Which they did not share. “

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