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Teacher’s Day : Modi copying Obama says Congress

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narendra_modiPrime Minister Narendra Modi‘s wish to address the school children on Teacher’s day has hit a roadblock .

While the schools in Punjab , Harana and Himachal Pradesh are struggling with a poor infrastructure to make the arrangements in place, the opposition including the parents criticised the decision as the event has converted the teachers’s day into a ‘Modi day’.

While the prime minister’s move to connect to the India’s future’ has been appreciated by many schools but those with poor infrastructure,poor connectivity, shortage of power and located in the far flung areas are unhappy.

“It is a teacher’s day and not a children’s day. The prime minister should have lined up his address on the children’s day.The students and the school staff will be overburdened on the teacher’s day as they will first celebrate the event then will struggle to control the students till 5 PM.It is the time when the children go to homes. The schools located in remote areas lack transportation and there will be no buses after the event is over,” a senior Haryana government officer said.

Another problem which the school staff is facing is the non availability of television sets, cable connections and internet in the schools.There are schools where there is no power connection.Around 8000 schools in Himachal alone are without a power connection.

“We have not been provided with any funds to arrange the show.The officers have issued circulars about the PM’s address. We will have to arrange the equipment by spending from our own pocket,” a School teacher based in Kurukshetra said.

The HRD ministry’s diktat about the PM’s address to the state governments, those ruled by the Congress in particular , has sparked off political reactions.

“The prime minister is over ambitious and seems to be in a hurry.It’s wrong to make the speech compulsory for schools. It is against the constitution.The BJP government at the centre is trying to make the teacher’s day as the Modi day,” reacting to the orders Himachal Congress chief,Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said.

The senior state government officers in Haryana, Himachal and Punjab evaded questions and refused to comment as the matter is directly related to the prime minister.

Former Punjab chief minister and Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was indiscriminately trying to copy the US President Barack Obama in almost everything he does. He said, the latest example was his proposed September 5 address to the students across the country on the Teachers Day. “It is strange Mr Modi shall be addressing students and not the teachers on the Teachers’ Day”, he remarked.

Capt Amarinder in a statement issued here today pointed out, five years ago the US President Barack Obama addressed the students of the US on Sept 8, 2009 and now Mr Modi was trying to copy the same.

“He (Mr Modi) is trying to copy Obama in utter haste and hurry”, he remarked while asking, “otherwise he should ideally be addressing the teachers on the Teachers’ Day and not the students for whom he could always choose some other occasion”.

The former Chief Minister observed, “this goes typically with Mr Modi’s characteristic style of copying the US President”. He pointed out, like in the US all powers are vested with the President, Mr Modi was trying to do the same despite India being a parliamentary and not a presidential democracy.

“The way he has assumed all the powers in himself whether deciding on Foreign Policy matters or those related to the Home Ministry, Mr Modi has already hinted adequately that he wants to function like the head of a Presidential form of a government than like a Prime Minister who is supposed to share power with his cabinet with collective responsibility”, he said.

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