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Teenager killed for a mobile charger in West Delhi

A teenager lost his life for a mobile charger in Ranhola area of West Delhi.

According to the police a scuffle over a broken mobile phone charger between two 17-year-old boys cost one of them his life, adding to the list of growing incidents of rage-related deaths in Delhi.

The incident occured area when a boy punched his friend in the chest following an argument over the broken mobile charger that belonged to the victim.

Three friends, among them the accused, had gone to the victim’s house on Thursday afternoon. The scuffle occurred when the boy asked his friend to return the charger he had lent him as they were about to leave.

“When the boy was handing over the charger, it fell on the floor and cracked,” a police officer said. “The victim got angry and slapped his friend. A scuffle ensued in which both rained blows at each other. Before the two other friends could stop the fight, the accused hit the victim in the chest, causing him to faint.”

The two other boys tried to revive their friend at first but when he showed no signs of recovering they called out to his parents and rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

Hospital authorities informed the police who apprehended the boy based on eyewitness accounts of his two friends.

Police produced the accused before the Juvenile Justice Board on Friday that sent him to a correction home for boys.

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