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The story of Dara Singh and Mumtaz !

Veteral Bollywood actress Mumtaz is in the news after a fake news about her sudden demise went viral on social media.A fighter , Mumtaz has been fighting with cancer but she is alive.

The story of Dara Singh and Mumtaz !

Till 1963 Mumtaz worked as an extra or did small roles in Hindi films .When the producer of the film was looking for the lead actress of Faulaad (1963) someone suggested Mumtaz who so far had worked in a number of films to support her family.

Director Mohammed Hussain did not believe in a popular face and signed Mumtaz for the film.Bollywood sources even say that Since late Dara Singh had yet to prove his mettle as an actor, no heroine was ready to work with him.

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