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They buried a dead man for 6 hours to make him alive

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deadman_buried_amritsar_3Punjab’s younger generation may be hooked to the social media and internet but the oldies are still tied to the blind faiths and age old customs.
Acting on a blind faith that the earth removes the effects of an electric shock if the electrocuted person is buried inside the earth, the  residents of Guru Ki Vadali, a village located near Charehta in Amritsar district on Monday buried a dead man inside a pit for six hours but he remained a dead man.
“The incident took place on Monday morning around 8 am when Gurprit Singh (22) was preparing fodder for the cattle by using an electric fodder cutter machine. Suddenly his mother dropped water on the floor to wash it. The water created a short circuit in the motor and Gurprit was electrocuted,” Dr Devgun who examined the deceased said.
Gurprit was taken to a hospital in Narayangarh where he was declared as brought dead. He was brought back to the village.
People suggested for a prayer (Ardas) and a village priest( Granthi) was called in but Gurprit’s condition remained the same. Some advised the family members to give a massage to the deceased but that also did not work.
Finally the parents were advised by the neighbours  to bury him in a pit which was dug up and his whole body except the mouth, arms and feet was covered with soil. The villagers waited for six hours that the mother earth will reverse the electrocution and Gurprit will get up.
He was only cremated after the blind faiths failed to bring him back.
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