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This actor shocked Hollywood with this comment !


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Remember the character of Dr Octavius in Spider-Man 2, or Indiana Jones’ ill-fated guide, Satipo in Raiders of the Lost Ark ………

The Hollywood veteran who played these roles , Alfred Molina…is not happy the way the world’s oldest and largest film industry treats its seniors .

Alfred Molina who has spent nearly four decades in Hollywood ,recently took the entertainment industry by surprise when he compared it to a female genitalia and a duck ass.

“To describe Hollywood? When you’re up, everything opens like a beautiful vagina. When you’re down, it closes tighter than a duck’s ass.”….said the actor in an interview.

Molina’s comment blatantly speaks the struggle of senior actors to get work and survive after they retire or get old.

By referring to the industry as a young female genitalia he means that the indusry only welcomes the young artists and ignores when they retire.

The 64 year old British actor is very outspoken and had earlier called himself a slut…who can do anything.

Molina is married to British television actress Jill Gascoine and the couple has a daughter.

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