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This bizarre Cobra Plant can scare ,Kill you !


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Himalayas are home to a variety of amazing and bizarre herbs . While a large number of herbs contain medicinal properties, some of them are poisonous and can even scare you.

Cobra Plant is one such species which is found abundantly in Himalayas.This plant looks like a black cobra and is poisonous.Its seeds look like pomegranate seeds and can kill you if swallowed mistakenly.

Cobra plants are found in the entire Asiatic region ,particularly in Himalayan region which is home to a variety of amazing flora and fauna .

But the one found in Himachal Pradesh ,India is different from others as it really looks like a poisonous Cobra snake.

The one such Cobra Plant discovered by the Amazing India crew in Solan town ,Himachal Pradesh state of India at first sight can also scare you.

At first it appears that a black cobra snake is entering it’s nest. Interestingly, the skin of cobra Plant also matches that of a cobra hood.

Cobra plants usually grow in Summers and produce unpleasant odour.

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