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Top Ten 2014 worst Bollywood films

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revolver-rani-Kangana-RanautThe year 2014 saw a list of movies that stole hearts and those that didn’t.  Among the list of films that released this year, there were some that just couldn’t be watched (Hell yeah!) These films either bombed because of the lack of a plot or for their lack of performances, because a pretty face can’t really save a film every time, you see!

So here’s a list of those 10 films that would not only bore you to death but also make you question the whole point of film making. Check the Top Ten worst films of Bollywood in the year 2014 as below:


Yes, this Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Raunt starrer was a disappointment. The story revolves around a group of do-gooders who decide to take on the corrupt authorities in their own ways. With a silly plot, blank looks and juvenile dialogues Ungli is full of loopholes. Audiences have already shown this Ungli thumbs down.

Happy Ending

The Nawab of Bollywood Saif Ali Khan’s latest production Happy Ending was not happy film at all.  It made a total of 13 crores in its first weekend, the lowest for any of Saif’s films in 2014. Happy Ending has is an exaggerated version of romantic comedies with a patchy story, predictable acting. Saif is uninspiring in his role as the writer and the film is a half baked attempt at humor. Some things just can’t be helped. Right?

Kill Dil

Riding on big names like Govinda, Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra and  Ali Zafar Kill Dil was slated to be the action comedy of the year.   From the looks of it, the audience didn’t think so. Be it story,  music or dialogues Kill Dil failed to hook the audience in every
department. Parineeti looked awkward with two boys who themselves  looked too forced. Kill Dil really killed the mood!


Imagine a couple making out while staging a bank robbery, wondering  why you would imagine that? Well seems like the producers thought that  too and decided to actually make it a part of the film! Besides  extensively intimate scenes the film has nothing. The story of  Tamanchey is based on a couple of rule breakers who fall in love…with  no story to excite the audience the film was a flop.

Finding Fanny

Acclaimed filmmaker Homi Adajania’s film Finding Fanny’s trailer  impressed everyone. Fans were raving about it but sadly, the film
didn’t meet their expectations. With a rather bland and predictable  story, Finding Fanny couldn’t hold the conventional movie buff’s
attention and it remained a failed attempt at arty film. Even with a  talented cast comprising of Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Kapur, Naseeruddin  Shah, Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor, Finding Fanny didn’t work at  the box office.

Creature 3D

Bipasha Basu’s Creature 3D was pegged as the Hindi version of  Hollywood actors Jurassic Park and Anaconda. With a weird looking
creature running around town and an unintentionally hilarious plot the  film looks like a spoof of all Hollywood films. Poor Bipasha running  around to save her Inn elicits a funnier reaction than any comedy  movie. The creature looks poorly animated which any third grader can  draw.

Revolver Rani

Kangana Ranaut had the world dancing to her tunes with Queen but, with  Revolver Rani the result was the opposite. A dead-paned wannabe actor,  a female don with a crooked nose and an unimpressive music score  wrapped up in a confusing plot do not create any spark or interest.  This could have been a unique film but, with boring performances by  Virr Das and Kangana it turned out to be a disappointment.

Mad About Dance

Mad About Dance aka M.A.D is about dance and more dance. This film was  meant for lovers of dance who wouldn’t mind watch a messed up story.  Racism, complex choreography, average VFX effects and lots of drama is  at the core of Mad About Dance. Ya, Mad About Dance is not a film that  rides on its story or on dance. We are definitely not mad about this  film.

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

A girl and guy who are best friends elope, get married and realize  that life isn’t all rosey. Reality rears its ugly head and as a
result, we have Lekar Hum Deewana Dil. With the main protagonist  getting constantly slapped and a confused female lead, the film goes  nowhere. A.R. Rahman’s music also couldn’t save the day. Two confused  youngsters on journey to find love…Sounds romantic right? Lekar Hum  Deewana Dil tries very hard to achieve that but fails miserably giving  the audience a massive headache.

Gang Of Ghosts

Gang Of Ghosts or as we call it, Gang of boring old people, is not a  must watch. The film is a remake of a super hit Bengali film Bhooter
Bhabishyat and conveniently sets an example of a bad remake.  One just  cannot go beyond Satish Shah’s poor attempt at humor and bad VFX. Fake  accents plague the film and Gang of Ghosts is at total waste of time.

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