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Treatment Kamla Nehru Hospital Style,normal patient was declared HIV positve

Trusts a wrong blood report,mistakes a pregnant woman for HIV

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This story warns people not to trust the Gali-Mohalla medical test labs which can put your life in danger. A must read for every Indian before they go for treatment of any kind.Also exposes the working of the government hospitals

A 22 year old lady died in Shimla last month after she was wrongly diagnosed with HIV Positive. Adding salt to the wounds the behaviour of the Kamla Nehru Hospital was also inhumane and indifferent. North India Times wants its readers to stay away from the Gali -Mohalla type of Medical Test labs as they can kill  you mentally.

A normal woman was told she was HIV positive,Why you should not trust small medical labs

The victim who hailed from Chirgaon area of Shimla district had gone to Sanjeevani Hospital ,Rohru for a check up. The doctors advised her a blood test from hospital’s own lab.The family members were shocked when the private hospital doctors told them that she tested HIV positive.

As the lady was also anemic and required an immediate surgery, the hospital referred her to Kamla Nehru Hospital, Shimla citing non-availability of blood.

This report was later found to be false and the woman in a government lab tested negative.

This incident tells us not to trust the medical test reports prepared by the bogus labs which can put your life in danger.

Carelessness, Government Hospital trusts wrong blood report 

Shockingly, the doctors at the Kamla Nehru Hospital trusted the wrong report and did not ask the patiene to undergo a fresh blood test. This exposed the functioning of the Kamla Nehru Hospital which played with the life of the patient .

Family sources told North India Times that the doctoros and the nursing staff did not follow the protocol of National Aids Control Organisation and publically revealed the patient’s identity .

Wrong report sends the patient into Comma, dies after four days

Ankita ,22, was shocked when one of the lady doctors or a nurse (they are not sure) revealed the contents of the wrong report to her in the presence of her husband .The trauma was unbearable .The patient fell unconscious and slipped into a comma on August 22 soon after she was told she was HIV positive.That too at a stage when she had undergone a surgery .

The patient and her husband were tested negative 

Two days after the patient was tested positive ,a government laboratory test revealed that she was negative. Not only this but her husband was also tested negative. The Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital blood test report found that the test done by Sanjeevani Hospital lab was wrong.

Had the Kamla Nehru Hospital doctors insisted the patient and her family members may not have undergone the stigma   and trauma of being   HIV positive case.

Family was abused , illl treated by the hospital staff 

The patient and her family members were publically humiliated, ill treated in the name of HIV which was not a reality.Her husband Harish told North India Times that not only the nursing staff but also the sweepers also indulged in indiscrimination.

They were asked to wear gloves and were asked to stay away from other patients.The sweepers would shout on them.Even the attitude of other patients was also not friendly.They faced discrimination that too in a government hospital.


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