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UFO seen in Lucknow

UFO_seen_in_lucknowA Lucknow resident on Monday evening captured a an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in his mobile phone.The UFO was spotted in Rajaji Puram area of the city of Nawabs.

Amit Tripathai who lives in E block  of Sector 11 was in his balcony When he was trying to click sunset photos. He suddenly noticed a big fire bowl in the sky close to the sun which started rotating. The UFO rose up and disappeared within  40 seconds.

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  1. mahendra chhetri says

    i have seen these fireball on 30 august and on 31 august at after 11 pm in night, there is one orange/yellow colour fireball which is flying here and there and in very low altitude, and making no sound at all, from my location that ufo was in the west direction from my location. i live in nilmatha near cantt lucknow.

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