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UVAA Movie Review

UVAA Movie Review1This cannot be a film made with honest hard-earned money, which has gone the way it was made, into a stinking gutter. You cannot be so callous with cash that’s earned with your blood and sweat. I pity and even condemn the wretched producers for wasting precious resources on this godforsaken project. I also feel that some of the well-known names in the Indian film industry have reprehensibly prostituted their talent in this case for a few extra bucks.

And look at the names associated with the film – Parikshit Sahni, Om Puri, Sanjay Mishra, Jimmy Sheirgill, Rajit Kapoor. These are some of the finest actors with decades of experience behind them. What are they doing in this film? Could not they tell the producers and director on their face that the film is a sheer waste of money and its writing, direction, and production sucks big time. They obviously could not refuse the easy money coming their way for a few days of work.

They seem to be going through some really hard times to have agreed to do a film like this. Ghode hon ya gadhe, woh ghaas ki fikr nahin karte. Jo saamne milta hai use chaba lete hain. And look at the irony of it. The other day Om Puri Sahab was expressing his displeasure over the appointment of Gajendra Singh (Yudhisthir of MAHABHARTA) as the Chairman of the FTII Governing Council. In the light of the kinds of films the veteran actor has been signing, his concern for cinema education seems quite fake and faltu.

The basic premise of the film is all right. It’s a film about our criminal justice system and how it fails to provide justice to gang rape victims and often implicates the innocent for the crimes they have not committed. The film even advocates extreme punishment for rapists. One could make a world-class film around this subject that’s obviously pregnant with great dramatic and thematic possibilities. But that’s what does not happen to our extreme disgust and disappointment.

Someone said that the film had cost Rs. 6 crores to make. That’s a lot of money. One has seen some of the greatest names in cinema scrounging for this kind of cash to make their films and not able to find producers & financiers.

It’s a ‘D’ grade entertainer and thus to write anything further about it will be an awfully ‘degrading’ experience for this film commentator.

Ratings : 0/5

Uvaa Cast & Crew

Director : Jasbir B Bhaati
Producer : Anil D Jethani, Chandresh D. Jethani
Artists (Cast) : Bhupendra Singh, Om Puri, Vikrant Rai, Vikrant Roy, Rohan Mehra, Lavin Gothi, Mohit Baghel, Meghvrat Singh, Poonam Pandey, Vinti Idnani, Sheena Bajaj, Yukti Kapoor, Neha Khan, Jimmy Shergil, Archana Puran Singh, Monish Chodhary, Rajit Kapoor, Elena Kazan, Sanjay Mishra, Jitu Shivhare, Shefali Singh, Sangram Singh, Parikshat Sahani
Music Director : Haneef Sheikh, Palash Muchhal, Pravin-Manoj, Rashid Khan
Lyrics : Bhupendra Singh ‘Megh’, Shiv, Bhupendra Singh Megh, Haneef, Shiv (Natnee Rap)

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