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Wives at war as ‘offender hubys’ go underground

men have gone into hiding to avoid police action, their wives are attacking each other to save their husbands.

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Four Punjab women have proved how a better half can help her husband in distress and plead his case when everything goes against.

These four women are Sukhmani Cheema wife of  Gautam Cheema (IG) ,Himani Choudhary wife of Ajay Choudhary (suspended defence accounts officer) ,Kricpy Khera wife of Devinder Singh Gill and Maninder Gulati, wife of  Sumedh Gulati (builders).

Senior Punjab police officer Gautam Cheema (IG) and Ajay Choudhary besides two others have been booked for abduction,criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy on the basis of a complaint filed by Kricpy Khera and Maninder Gulati .

While Devender Singh Gill and Sumedh Gulati , builders,have gone underground , Gautam Cheema and Ajay Choudhary have also vanished from the scene after an FIR was registered against them. Interestingly enough, while the four

men have gone into hiding to avoid police action, their wives are attacking each other to save their husbands.

“My husband Cheema belongs to the scheduled caste community and is being intentionally targeted so that he does not get an opportunity to attain the highest post in the service.A gang of criminals being supported by an important lobby of Punjab cadre IPS officers had implicated Cheema to protect their own skin. If any injustice is done to my husband, I may have to disclose the names of some of the IPS lobby, which is supporting the gang,” Sukhmani Cheema said in a press conference to defend her husband.

Suspended defence accounts officer Ajay Choudhary’s wife Himani Choudhary in a press statement said her husband is innocent and he has been falsely implicted.

“My husband has been falsely implicated as he had registered three separate FIRs about forgery and cheating against Devinder Gill and Sumedh Gulati,” Himani said.

Kricpy Khera has lodged several complaints agaisnt Gautam Cheema which also includes sexual assault and abduction.

“Sumedh Gulati was abducted by Cheema from the police station he beat him up in front of me and several others in my room.He also threatened me to withdraw the complaints against him (Cheema) or I would face dire consequences,” Kricpy Khera said.

Maninder Kaur, wife of Sumedh Gulati has also threatened to expose Gautam Cheema in the same press conference which was also addressed by Kricpy Khera on Wednesday.

“More cases will be registered against IG Cheema and his associates for disproportionate assets and truth will soon be out,” Maninder Kaur said.

Senior Punjab police officers kidnap, Loot friend builder

Punjab Vigilance Bureau has booked three senior IPS officers and a suspended defence officer for allegations of kidnapping, attempting to murder and extortion.

Punjab government has ordered a vigilance probe against Gautam Cheema, IG Commando,Bahadurgarh,Pramod Ban, Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana and Rakesh Chandra, IG Law and Order,Rakesh Aggarwal,Regional Passport Officer,Chandigarh and Ajay Chaudhary,suspended Ambala Cantonment Board (CB) CEO.

While Gautam Cheema and Ajay Chaudhary are the prime accuseds in the kidnapping,attempt to murder and extortion case, Pramod Ban,Rakesh Chandra and Rakesh Aggarwal are accused of helping them.

The vigilance probe against the three IPS officers , a passport officer and a defence officer has been ordered by the deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal after the wives of two victims, who are are builders, had requested Badal to save the lives of their husbands.

Kricpy Khera, wife of Devinder Singh Gill who owns Sky Heights Land Promoters Private Limited in Mohali near Chandigarh had recently ( June 11,2014) had levelled serious allegations against senior IPS officer Gautam Cheema which include extortion, kidnapping and attempt of murder.

“Gautam Cheema had met my husband Devinder Singh Gill in 2008 who had bought a chunk of land near Mullanpur township by investing Rs 5 crore. He wanted to sell the land as residential plots.Cheema had assured that he will help him sell the land. cheema started selling the plots but did not pay the money to us which was objected by him,” Kricpy Khera said.

Builder’s wife alleged that Cheema later kidnapped her husband and tried to eliminate him. She said that Cheema when failed to kill him registered false cases against Devinder Singh Gill and his partner Sumedh Gulati with the help of IGP, law and order, Rakesh Chandra and others.

“My husband and Sumedh Gulati are hiding and fearing the arrest,” Kricpy Khera alleged.

While Gautam Cheema is currently posted as IG Commando,Bahadurgarh,Ajay Chaudhary has already been suspended after he was involved in Jammu and Kashmir defence land scam.

Pramod Ban has recently been posted as Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana Punjab Vigilance bureau has started the probe against the senior police officers and the deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal has ordered to provide security to the families of builders.

Sukhbir Singh Badal has also ordered to halt action against the builders till the allegations against the police officers and others are proved.

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  1. Sukhpreet says

    Truth will come out soon and irrelavant points like Ig belongs to schedule community n all cannot save the culprit.suddenly when fir has been registered against IG gautam cheema they try to save their skin with irrelavant points but court will do justice.

  2. Surinder Mittal says

    Rakesh Aggarwal IPS presently posted as Regional Passport Officer, Chandigarh and his father in law Yash Pal Gupta resident of Delhi who claims to be very close to Union Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley are also main culprits. But Punjab Government is hesitating to take action against them due to Pressure from Narendra Modi Government…..Modi ji is it Good Governance? This Yash Pal Gupta was also having a strained relations with his business partner Santosh Goel resident of Delhi in his Firm M/s M.G Capital services Ltd. Delhi. He was demanding Rs. 70 Lac from Santosh Goel as business arrears. When his son law Rakesh Aggarwal IPS was posted as SSP Kapurthala in 2007 he immediately got lodged a false FIR against Santosh Goel at Kapurthala at the behest of Rakesh Aggarwal then SSP Kapurthala.Santosh Goel was picked up from Delhi without conducting any inquiry by Kapurthala police and was kept in Jail from about two months. He was released only after he paid post dated cheques to Yash Pal Gupta for the amount of Rs. 70 Lac. Only then that FIR was got cancelled being matter compromised between the parties. This Yash Pal Gupta and Rakesh Aggarwal IPS then SSP Kapurthala also registered two false FIR’s against me at Phagwara PS city Police station in January 2009. Out of these two FIR’s, in one case I have been acquitted by the Ld. Court. In second FIR Yash Pal Gupta is the key witness against me. Son in law SSP and father in law a witness in the case registered at the behest of SSP under his jurisdiction…..wah kya insaaf hai. This Yash Pal Gupta in connivance with his son in law 1.5 crodiya Rakesh Aggarwal IPS, Gautma Cheema IPS and Ajay Chaudhary IPS lodged one false FIR against Davinder Singh Gill and Sumesh Gulati. In this FIR Sumesh Gulati was arrested and Gautam Cheema kidnapped him from police satation in connivance with Yash Pal Gupta, Rakesh Aggarwal Ips and Ajay Chaudhary…….Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal is not taking any action against Yash Pal Gupta and his son law Rakesh Aggarwal IPS under pressure of Mr. Arun Jaitly…….Where is Corruption free India. and Good Governance as promised by PM Mr. Narendra Modi..?? This Rakesh Aggarwal was given Rs. 1.5 Crore rupees as dowry by this Yash Pal Gupta in 2002 for being an IPS officer in a bidding for the marriage of his daughter Sukriti. Both of them Rakesh Aggarwal IPS and his father in law Yash Pal Gupta are misusing power and position and also looting and harrassing the innocent people. My humble appeal to Sh. Narendra Modi ji to form a special team of UPSC to enquire all the allegations against this Rakesh Aggarwal IPS for musing his power and position and to sack him from IPS as he is not fit for the post of IPS.

  3. Munish Prasher says

    My Petition to Hon’ble President of India against RAKESH AGRAWAL IPS REGIONAL PASSPORT OFFICER – CHANDIGARH.

    The President of India,

    I am victim of Sh. Rakesh Agrawal, IPS, Regional Passport Officer – Chandigarh who with a pre determined malafide intention have illegally targeted me in contravention of passport rules and procedures by blatantly misusing and abusing his official position to harass me in connivance with a retired IAS officer of Punjab.

    For complete One Year I was victimized and harassed by Sh. Rakesh Agrawal, IPS, Regional Passport Officer – Chandigarh who in contravention of passport rules and procedures had asked me to surrender my passport. Fearlessly, I decided to fight for Justice and in detail emailed a complaint to Sh. Muktesh Pardeshi, Joint Secretary (PSP & CPO) explaining him how I was victimized and harassed by vindictive Sh. Rakesh Agrawal, IPS.

    Sh. Muktesh Pardeshi, Joint Secretary (PSP & CPO) replied to my email and asked RPO Chandigarh to take action as per passport rules and procedures.

    On instructions from Sh. Muktesh Pardeshi, Joint Secretary (PSP & CPO) I received a letter from Sh. Rakesh Agrawal, IPS, Regional Passport Officer – Chandigarh which stated I am required to change my address on my passport. If as per passport rules and procedures I was only required to change my address on my passport, in that case under which passport rule and procedure Sh. Rakesh Agrawal, IPS, Regional Passport Officer – Chandigarh had asked me to surrender my passport. Had I not made a complaint against Sh. Rakesh Agrawal,IPS in that case he would have
    continued to victimize and harass me with a threat to surrender my passport.

    I further took up the matter with the Special Secretary (AMS & CPV), Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi who on my tweet asked me to send him an email. On 23.02.2015 a detailed complaint was emailed to Sh. R. Swaminathan, Special Secretary (AMS & CPV) stating how Sh.
    Rakesh Agrawal, IPS with malafide intention have blatantly misused and abused his power against me.

    1. He blatantly violated the passport rules and procedures against me.

    2. He has shown recklessness in decision making against me.

    3. He as a Government servant must be impartial and must not show undue favour or illwill in his official dealings. If a Government servant is found to misuse his official position or to abet and connive at improper and illegal acts, he would render himself liable for disciplinary action

    4. He arbitrary and illegally condemned me unheard which is against the settled law of Principles of Natural Justice. “Audi alteram Partem i.e. hear the other side, or no one can be condemned unheard.”

    5. He has also violated the provisions of Conduct Rules by adopting a dilatory attitude to victimize and to cause harassment to me.
    (1) Every Government servant shall at all times–
    (i) maintain absolute integrity;
    (ii) maintain devotion to duty; and
    (iii) do nothing which is unbecoming of a Government servant.

    I was informed by the office of the Special Secretary (AMS & CPV) that my complaint is being investigated by Sh. Muktesh Pardeshi, Joint Secretary (PSP & CPO). I sent an email to Sh. Muktesh Pardeshi, Joint Secretary (PSP & CPO) with a request for an opportunity to be given to me for personal hearing and to submit documentary evidences in support of my complaint.

    Sh. Rakesh Agrawal, IPS, Regional Passport Officer – Chandigarh continues to enjoy his power and position. He with elevated levels of inhumanity and arrogance in his blood without fear of any action may continue to blatantly misuse and abuse his power and position in contravention of passport rules and procedures to victimize and harass innocents by asking them to surrender their passports for his vested interests. He is accused of Misuse and Abuse of Power on other innocents also. Misuse and abuse of power only happens when you know that you have the ‘Backing’ of your ‘Masters’ who can ‘Settle’ things for you.

    But ME whose career and life have been ruined by this vindictive Sh. Rakesh Agrawal,IPS, Regional Passport Officer – Chandigarh due to his malafide intention, misuse and abuse of power and dirty tricks continues to struggle to survive to enable me to take care of my family.

    I pray yourself to please order investigation into the blatant misconduct of Sh. Rakesh Agrawal, IPS, Regional Passport Officer – Chandigarh and take appropriate action against him.

    Thanking you,

    Yours Truly,

    Munish Madhav Prasher

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